At Cameo Palms, we believe in making health of body, mind, and soul as easy and accessible as possible, not only providing services to help restore your health, but to present options of tools to help you heal yourself and for you to heal and teach others.

Body, Mind, Soul...

We encourage you to start with the physical because it's what you can see.

Today we are spending more on healthcare but we are growing less healthy. Chronic disease and obesity are on the rise. How many people can you think of that are on a medication or have needed surgery? How can we avoid disease? Just eat healthy? How about when just eating healthy isn’t working?  

But you want to eat healthy, and with all the diets out there in the world  [low-calorie, low-fat, low-carb,  ketogenic (high-fat), paleo (high protein),  vegetarian (no animal flesh), heck vegan (no animal anything)!] how can you be sure which is the right one? There is one way of eating we feel is important and its called Gluten-free. Basically, no wheat. Aww, no pizza, burgers, sandwiches, pancakes, cookies, donuts... what?? Whats left?     How could this be most important dietary advice??  Its because you are what you absorb. So you can eat all the meat, dairy, and veggies you want or you can eat all the GMO, fried food, and sugar you want but it won't do you any good if you don't absorb anything. Now, I am not a doctor! Just a friend sharing with another friend what I'm up to.  And yes, its hard, but it's getting easier. Wanna start learning a little about it? Here's a TEDx Talk with Dr. Rodney FordOr if you have more time and a Netflix account, please take a look and "What's with Wheat" and “Magic Pill” documentaries for great information regarding taking care of yourself through diet.

What about exercise? 

Daily movement is essential to life. However, not all movement is created equal. There is cardio, like jogging or cycling, to burn fat now. Then there's weight training to tone and burn fat later. And hybrids of the two like plyometrics or cross-fit. Then all the other movement options, stretching, pilates, yoga, tai chi. Of course, these are all fun and beneficial for sure! 

What do we choose to do everyday?  QiGong (or Chi Kung).  Qigong is a gentle movement of all joints and muscles in sync with breath and attention. We find the key to movement for health is the same method we apply to most things K.I.S.S., Keep It Simple Son. But please don't confuse simplicity for ease.  Try for yourself, we recommend Natural Healing with QiGong by Dr. Aihan Kuhn. 

For vigorous exercise, please remember to stay hydrated. Common sports-drinks only have two or three minerals that the body loses during exercise and they are highly acidic! So instead, we highly recommend replenishing your body with Rebound FX

And after all that exercise, consider a Work-It-Out sports massage or any other of our refreshing massage treatments. 


Body, Mind, Soul...

Physical and Mental Health:

Now that we have began with the body, we continue our journey inward. We gave the body what it needs from the outside but how can we make the body-mind connection? We must practice being present and mindful. Massage is a good way to begin to de-stress and to bring attention to your body in a way that your mind had not been focused on before. You don't need to be a yoga guru or meditation master in order to pay attention and listen to your body. Every massage done at Cameo Palms is done with the intention to reduce tightness and tension but also to align body-mind connection, yoga and meditation optional.

There are some who would believe to get a massage is a luxury or they would rather work on their body-mind connection in private. Instead, or in addition to their massage routine, we do recommend QiGong (as previously mentioned) or Yoga. For learning Yoga online, we love Ali Kamenova! Free videos can be found on her youtube channel Interval Yoga or or to support her with a membership, you can visit her website at for a bigger video library and lifestyle advice.  

In this time of sitting at a desk or standing all day, intentional movement is so important (as the pain in our necks and backs hint at us-the reason for the Office Headspace massage-the only massage with a 30 min option). Even a short daily walk and/or light stretching can make a big difference on our health. Every little bit adds up.


Also available at Cameo Palms are Vibranz products. For example, you may have seen us use the Intention Disc, a Red Poppy Jasper semi-precious stone infused with Human Blueprint™ Frequencies that bring the body into balance. It can be used to assist in programing for alignment with your goals and intentions, clears active memory of emotional trauma stored in cellular memory, and clears toxic waveforms from food, liquid and personal care products using sacred geometry to accomplish its clearing effects. 


Body, Mind, Soul...


The most inward part of ourselves that is to be healed is also the one not easily discussed. Each one of us really has a unique opinion of what is "the soul" influenced by our upbringing and personal opinions, and we can use descriptions of feeling to talk about soul balance. Sometimes, when it seems all is well with our body and mind, there is a feeling that something is not quite right, lacking, or maybe stuck. These feelings can manifest in ways we can see like physical ailments or interpersonal relationship difficulties, and balancing the body and mind certainly help! But the feeling remains, and uncomfrotableness, or dissatisfaction... you feel you are out of balance with yourself.

When a more balancing is needed, we offer Reconnective Healing and the Reconnection. Reconnective Healing is a spectrum of frequencies that consists of energy, light and information, which completely transcends traditional energy healing techniques as it allows us to let go of the concept and approach of technique itself. It is neither a therapy nor a treatment, as it does not focus on symptoms.


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We are passionate about helping others be their whole and complete selves, truly intent on relieving stress or pain and improving health.