The Human Bio-field…

… is the energetic blueprint, every human being, and every living creature on this planet, has such a blueprint. The biofield can be read, scanned, and interpreted in many different ways, reading our complex combination of vibratory states, interconnected with our DNA, all of which are based on light energy, but this energetic field is like a superhighway that allows the DNA in our cells to communicate faster than light and maintains a coherent, holistic, intelligence in the organism.


The Human Biofield or Energy Field has the potential to be corrupted and the energy flow blocked. When the flow is blocked or disrupted, a natural healthy balance cannot be maintained, and states of disease will become evident. Contaminated and lifeless foods, environmental toxins, parasites, chronic viral infections, emotional trauma and negative thought patterns, as well as misguided energies, all have the potential to interfere with your energy flow. One ancient remedy for blockages in the bio-field is acupuncture where there is a manipulation of qi.


At Cameo Palms, there are two options for helping ease the discomforts of a blocked bio-field, first option is an in-office session and the other option to take home products to keep in your bio-field for entrainment. Sound interesting? Please see more info below.


Reconnective Energy Frequencies

Reconnective Healing® is essentially healing through energetic frequencies that bring you into balance, be it physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, or on any other level. It is dramatically more comprehensive than all the various energy healing techniques we've known until now. 

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Reconnective Healing® a "Hands-Off-Non-Touch" process where a practitioner works over, around, sometimes near, and sometimes far away from the body. These are permanent sessions, not ongoing treatments. Only 1-3 sessions are  recommended.


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The Reconnection®

The Reconnection® works to bring us into the fullness of connection with the earth energy grid,  accelerating us to fulfill our life purpose.

This is a two-session (once in a lifetime) experience. 

Must be done locally

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Proprietary Human Blueprint™ Frequencies

ZeroPoint™ Technology infused in VIBRANZ products

All VIBRANZ products utilize Proprietary Human Blueprint™ Frequencies! What this means is the damage that is done on a daily basis from toxins from environmental pollution and emotional stress is combated by products that help your body function the way it was designed by helping to strengthen the communication pathways between our internal systems so they can function without obstructions and we experience optimum balance and natural health.

Here is a quick summary for each of the products available from VIBRANZ. For your convenience, you can also click through to shop.